Since ancient time, the Chinese have been researching and developing medicinal treatments to bind the essential healing functions of plants. Besides having important healing functions, herbs are also consumed to strengthen and regulate the body or even to relieve stress.

We are providing E-service for customers who require Chinese Medicine Herbs Treatment.
Simply upload your prescription in either photos or digital files to receive a quotation.
You may also simply type out your prescription in the provided description box and proceed with the upload.

Raemedy is pleased to partner with Sin Seng Medical & Herbs Pte Ltd, commonly known as 中和堂参耸药行, to provide this service for our valuable customers. With over 40 years experiences in this industry, and more than 400 types of Chinese herbs available, Sin Seng Medical is recognised as high quality and clean chinese herbs by the neighbourhood.

To ensure products quality, they purchase all products from the major Chinese herb suppliers in Singapore. And upon delivery of the goods, strict inspection will always be done on the arrival of goods to ensure they are at top quality.

Their focus has always been on providing Chinese medicine, herbs and products of the finest quality in the most accessible way to customers. Generations of customers have enjoyed the benefits of their products ranging from dietary supplements, health foods, beverages, packaged tonic soups to personal care products.

A one-stop place where you can find trusted herbs and tonics for the well-being of you and your loved ones.